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Viewing of the exhibition of educational materials and equipment for teaching science and technology His family belongs to a small tribe of arabized Berbers, the Qadhadhfa, who are stockherders with holdings Nagia essayed the Hun Oasis.

Gidamis has published extensively in peer-refereed academic journals. But the gross misrepresentation of science in African countries is unacceptable if the continent is to liberate itself from technological dependency.

The trend indicates that although more young females enrol in the fields of SET, on average, they remain less qualified than men, receive a significantly smaller slice of the rewards and recognition on offer, and are clustered in certain scientific domains. Any other business Draft agenda of the meeting of Ministers 9 and 10 August 1.

Speaking to the gathering of scientists, scholars, international research partners, policymakers and entrepreneurs, he said that Africa is the only region yet to fully exploit the great potentials of using science and technology as an engine of growth and development.

On a recommendation regarding the establishment of visa arrangements and an AU fund to promote the mobility of scientists, engineers and technicians, Zambia proposed new text that would support the implementation of visas and protocols, research, and technological development to support implementation of the CPA.

I urge all of us here to go back to our respective countries and strive to do justice to our great continent. He is an author of over research papers in leading international journals and has delivered over lectures in major conferences around the world.

Presentation and adoption of Agenda and Programme of Work 4. But the obstacles encountered by women in the academic and other fields are pervasive, and require specific strategies. The Committee commends UK Armed Forces for their significant contribution to the successful conclusion of the Libya operation and comments on particular aspects and equipment used in the operation.

Delegates discussed minor changes to the wording of the text and more substantive amendments. She highlighted consultative conferences conducted in the lead up to the Extraordinary AMCOST Conference and the Summit, and noted that these conferences emphasized the need to: These include the need for sound science policies, building of human and institutional capacities in science and the establishment of knowledge sharing networks in science.

Kenya expressed support for regional innovation communities but noted the need to balance such initiatives with national systems to ensure that national interests are not compromised. Intranet n Light project. Department of Science and Technology http: He was then was appointed Director at the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and in became a Director at the WTO; he directed a number of divisions in both of those organizations.

He discussed possible guidelines for identifying centers of excellence, including the need for centers to: He said that ASIF is not a new organization but an institutional arrangement of existing bodies and urged that AMCOST and countries not shy away from establishing the required institutional arrangements.

Chair Gassama Dia closed the meeting at Throughout the s and s, Libya under Gaddafi was considered a pariah state by the West, which alleged oppression of internal dissidence, acts of state-sponsored terrorism, assassinations of expatriate opposition leaders, and crass nepotism exhibited in amassing a multi-billion dollar fortune for himself and his family.

In addition to numerous editorial changes, the report was amended to: Delegates agreed that Zimbabwe and Malawi could work on draft text to reflect these ideas.

He also called for a critical look at regional and international cooperation for implementing collaborative science projects.

African Union Commission

Chad said that funds should be spent directly on research instead of on the creation of such a body. She holds an Ed. We must therefore proceed with speed to identify niche areas for promoting the role of women in the New Partnership for Africa's Development Nepad flagship programmes, and as articulated in Africa's Consolidated Plan of Action.

In response, Hamdy noted that the AU plans to develop a survey and a databank of scientists in the five African regions and in the Diaspora. Granted, many African students have limited interest in science, but the time has come to change this.

Experts discussed this agenda item together with the agenda item on the African High-level Panel on Modern Biotechnology see below. After the Bombing of Libya and the imposition of United Nations sanctions, Gaddafi established closer economic and security relations with the west, cooperated with investigations into previous Libyan acts of state-sponsored terrorism and paid compensation, and ended his nuclear weapons program, resulting in the lifting of UN sanctions in Consolidated Plan of Action: He joined TERI inworking in the area of clean and renewable energy technologies for applications in villages and small industries.

His fields of interest are urban and regional development, population, housing studies, science policy, internationalization, and university management.

Indeed, the recognition of science as a catalyst to economic development is something that African countries can ignore at their own peril.

Some Confirmed Speakers

Nigeria noted the need to improve basic infrastructure to create conditions attractive to those in the Diaspora and to let existing institutions mature prior to creating new institutions. As a boy, Gaddafi attended a Muslim elementary school, during which time the majo Informations sur le produit Libyan politicians Sous-titre:.

Commissioner Prof. Nagia Essayed began her remarks by expressing gratitude to the President of Mozambique and his government for their gracious invitation and warm welcome.

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She congratulated the President and people of Mozambique on the occasion of Mozambique Day of Victory. Jul 16,  · Giorgio Maria ECONOMIDEs (Italy), nagia EssAYED (african Union), Giuseppe FIORONI (Italy), andrei aleksandrovich FURsENKO (russian Federation), rachid HARRAOUDIA (algeria), Hany Mahfouz HELAL (egypt), riccardo ILLY (Italy), Turner IsOUN (nigeria).

Her Excellency Prof. Essayed Nagia Commissioner of the African Union ; Open Access to Scientific Information Dr. Francis Muguet Director of the Scientific Information Development Laboratory of ENSTA ; Global Knowledge Partnership Forum Miss. Rinalia Abdul Rahim Executive Director of the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) Prof Nagia Essayed of the African Union secretariat says: "This has often resulted in brain drain, with African scientists and technologists moving to countries where they can practise science.".

Aditya Pancholi (born Nirmal Pancholi, 4 January ) is an Indian film actor, In Abhishek, he essayed the role of a well-known businessman who used his father's wealth in enjoying leisure time and used a new gear and. Nagia Essayed Man, Person.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Nagia Essayed is a Libyan politician. She is Commissioner of Human Resources, Science and Technology for the African Union.

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